Showering is a time for relaxing, unwinding and de-stressing after a long day or before one is about to begin. There’s nothing quite like stepping into a hot shower to cleanse and rejuvenate. But have you ever asked yourself, are you really getting the most out of it? Well, we’ve created a list of the top 10 things you can do to enhance your shower space, showering routine and create a relaxing experience.

Relaxation - showering experience

Intelligent Showering

Firstly, we had to include what we believe is a revolutionary step forward for the ultimate shower experience. Imagine being able to control water usage, save energy and run diagnostics all from an app on your smartphone. We envisioned this, and that’s why we created Intelligente; tomorrow’s shower today.

Walk Right In

Secondly, a walk in shower can create an amazing space and atmosphere for you to enjoy that perfect shower. Luckily, walk in showers aren’t just for spacious bathrooms, there are all kinds of walk in entrances to fit your needs. Our shower collections cater for all spaces and preferences. Having a walk in shower creates a feeling of openness and calm. Which makes for a very relaxing environment where you don’t feel constricted or enclosed.

Think Out Loud

If you have ever considered adding in touches of ‘word décor’ then now is the time. Many people place these in the kitchen, living room or bedroom. But, we believe that they work best in the bathroom. Everyone knows the best ideas happen whilst you shower, so seeing a quote, a word or even a picture can inspire simply everyone. So, make sure you can see these thought provoking items from the shower!

Go Green

In our previous blog we mentioned how adding nature to your bathroom can really change the space. So why not add a plant, potted or hanging, near your shower. Adding greenery to a room creates a relaxing connection to nature, so it will no doubt make your showering experience a good one.

Turn It Up

Playing your favourite music in the shower is a real mood booster. Whether you want to unwind for the day or just get your day going! So, putting on your favourite playlist will elevate your mood and have you stepping out of the shower with a spring in your step!  

Keep Your Favourites Close

Whether it’s your favourite audiobook or even the radio, take it into your bathroom whilst you unwind. If a shower maybe isn’t your thing, indulging in the bathtub is just as relaxing, so having your favourite indulgences nearby is definitely a great thing. Take relaxation to the next level!

Cleanliness Is Key

Now this may come as an obvious one, but if your shower is overflowing with bottles, sponges, toys and soap, you’re actually trying to de-clutter your mind in an even more cluttered space! Take some time before entering your shower to remove anything unwanted, just leaving the essentials. This will make sure you aren’t tripping over someone else’s conditioner whilst you attempt a refreshing shower.

Light The Way

If it’s a Friday night, Sunday evening or just a mid-week unwind, whatever the time, lighting some candles and dimming the overhead man-made lights can be beneficial to creating the ultimate shower. Just a few candles and the relaxing sound of the water can create a beautiful ambience, a perfect stress reliever and a mind-clearing shower.


Let’s take is back to basics. You can have a clean shower, beautiful lighting and music, but if your shower itself isn’t up to par, then you can’t aim too high when it comes to your shower experience! Take a look at your shower head and the water pressure. If you’re not exiting the shower feeling refreshed and revitalised, it’s time to throw out the old and bring in the new, our varied shower range should take care of all of these woes!

Take A Seat

We all associate showering with standing, but installing a small corner seat to perch on every now and then can really change the game. (Especially for those who don’t have space for a bath.) There are hundreds of convenient self-install bathroom seats on the market right now, and they make for a relaxing shower. Imagine after that difficult Monday, it rained on the walk home. Now all you want to do is unwind and feel refreshed, a comfortable sit down shower can wash the whole day away!

Let us know if you try any of our top shower tips, we guarantee these will transform your showering experience!

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