Creating A Luxury Bathroom In A Smaller Space

Aug 2022

Creating a Luxury Bathroom in a Smaller Space

Are you struggling to make the most out of a smaller bathroom? You're not alone - bathrooms in the UK are infamously small compared to other countries, and it can be tricky to create a luxury experience in a smaller space. In this blog post, we'll look at a few things you can implement into your bathroom design to create the ultimate luxury space.

1. Consider a wall-hung WC

Wall hung toilets are incredibly minimalistic and sleek and would add a touch of class to your new bathroom. Wall hung toilets work well in smaller bathrooms due to their conceal cistern and no pedestal, which creates the illusion of space. Our Velino collection of wall-hung WC pans fuses freedom and elegance with the very best in minimal design to create a range that brings real panache to the bathroom.

2. Opt for a smaller bath

Working with a smaller space doesn't always mean having to sacrifice a bath. Small baths a great for saving space, but they do take away from the luxury bathing experience, and you shouldn't have to sacrifice a good long soak! Opting for a shower bath like our Lorenzo Shower Bath will enable you to have the indulgence of a long bath, as well as the convenience of a hop-in, hop-out shower. Baths in our Lorenzo collection are made from the same high-quality acrylic as any other Tissino bath, ensuring excellence even in a smaller bathroom.

3. Storage, storage, storage

Clutter will make a small bathroom look even smaller. It's important to find the right bathroom storage for your space, so you can keep the bathroom tidy while maximising space. Furniture from our Loretto Collection is the epitome of stripped-back, functional design. The wall-hung basin units are available in two convenient sizes, both providing plenty of space for your essentials. Their sleek, handleless design will create a minimalist, modern effect in your bathroom.

Smaller things like your colour scheme and lighting can also make a difference. Light, bright colours (not limited to white) will open the space up and make your bathroom feel light and airy. Lighting is also crucial in taking away any dinginess from the space, be it natural light, ceiling lights or light up mirrors. Our Lustre Collection features high-spec, innovative mirrors that will light up your space.