Everything You Need to Know About the Scandinavian Bathroom Trend

Aug 2022

In last week’s blog post, 5 Trends to Look Out For in 2022, we talked briefly about Scandinavian and Nordic design, and how these Scandi influences are appearing more and more in modern bathrooms. But what is Scandinavian design? Where do these styles come from? This week, we will look at the trend in more detail and how to implement it into your space.

Where does the trend come from?

While the influence of Scandinavian inspired design has been increasing in popularity since the 1950s, demand seemed to catapult in 2016 as Scandinavian influences began to be seen in near enough every room in the house. At its core, Scandinavian style is focused on practicality and function, as well as simplicity and aesthetics, reflecting the style of interiors from Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

Natural Light

In a part of the world where daylight hours can be limited, designs seek to lighten spaces and create an airy, welcoming atmosphere. A great philosophy, but with bathrooms in the UK being notoriously small, Scandinavian influences can be found in UK bathroom design in a slightly way. By using light hues, you can compensate for a smaller window (sometimes no window at all) and create a space that feels light and crisp. Fresh white ceramics are a great place to start, and the Vitolo Round Solid Surface Countertop Basin features a perfectly smooth satin surface that brings effortless style to the bathroom.

Neutral tones

Calm, neutral tones bring a very relaxing, spa-like atmosphere into the bathroom, helping to create that sanctuary we all want to experience. White, grey, and cream are among the popular hues from Scandi spaces, as they encourage any existing natural light to flourish and create light and airy space.

Natural materials

Natural materials are a staple feature of Scandinavian design. From wood to natural ceramic, to slate finishes, the materials used in the bathroom can bring a sense of both homeliness and luxury. Pairing natural wood with a ceramic basin makes for a perfect Nordic spa-effect and ambience that you will love spending time in, and the new Cosenza Natural Oak Units are available wall hung or with designer legs, making them customisable and tailored to your household’s needs, making it easier than you may have thought to implement a little Hygge into your space.