5 Ways to Liven up a White Bathroom

Jun 2022

White in the bathroom is a tale as old as time and has been at the core of bathroom design for a long time. However, it can easily be overpowering, and clinical. In this week’s blog post, we’ll be looking at how to embrace white while still creating a warm, inviting space.

Centre fixtures and plumbing in your space

If you have statement plumbing or fixtures, try not to take away from them. White walls/spaces will make the colours in front of them stand out and take centre stage, so opting for fixtures that will draw attention is a great way to make use of a generally white space. Available in Chrome, Matt Black, Brushed Black Chrome, the Parina Mono Basin Tap will add a pop of colour that will act as a focal point against a crisp, white backdrop.

Contrast natural materials

Using too many colours or finishes in the bathroom can make things a little noisy. However, incorporating natural materials such as wood into the space can add charm and warmth, and avoid the bathroom from feeling too clinical. Rustic and chic, the Natural Oak Cosenza Unit is a great addition to a space lacking in natural materials and breathes life into an otherwise cool space.

Make it timeless

White in the bathroom is a classic style. The products you fill the space with should be just as timeless and meaningful. Statements of luxury can be found in the Giorgio Lux Shower Tray, with a natural slate finish in crisp white. A statement bath like the Tanaro  Freestanding Bath will also add a contemporary, enviable focal point in the space.

Brass accents

Brushed brass is very much in style right now and compliments a white space beautifully with the perfect amount of glamour. Plus, the warm tones will make your bathroom feel even more homely. Brass metallics like the Brushed Brass Idro Shower Glass will remain neutral and make a statement without distracting from the overall look of the space.

Quality is key

A crisp, clean, white bathroom looks stunning, but will it withstand the test of time? All our baths are manufactured using Perma Bianco Bath Panels. They are created using pliant acrylic and are an innovative solution to bath panel discolouration. Our Tissino panels include a wooden core and a layer of resin reinforcement., which provides a highly robust and rigid bath panel that is flat and will always maintain its beautiful finish.