10 Tips For A Relaxing Bathing Experience

Aug 2022

1. Choose The Perfect Bath

The perfect bathing experience begins with the bath you want to relax in, so choosing one that suits your needs is important. Firstly, consider space and size, do you have plenty of room to work with or would a bath that adapts to your room sizing work better for you? Secondly, focus on the depth and width of your bath to make sure you fit comfortably when it comes to your relaxing bathing experience. Our bath collections are designed to work in harmony with a wide range of bathroom spaces, why not take a look and discover your dream bath.

2. Temperature Is Key To A Relaxing Bathing Experience

There are many recommendations for the perfect water temperature when drawing a relaxing bath. However, an optimum bathing temperature changes from person to person, so choose the right level of warmth for you. No matter what temperature is ideal for your bathing experience, having a bath that’s already warm prior to drawing water is a fantastic advantage. Tissino premium baths are warm to the touch and designed to insulate for longer. Meaning you can bathe at your perfect temperature without having to add more water later, perfect!

3. Relax With Bath Salts

What you add to the water can accentuate your bathing experience, muscle relaxing and nerve-calming bath salts are also a great way to unwind. The Lorenzo bath is the perfect companion for those who love to indulge with bath salts; the high gloss white finish is easily cleaned and safe for oil or salt use.

4. Keep Your Favourites Nearby

Your relaxing bathing experience wouldn’t be complete without a few personal indulgences to accompany you. So why not invest in a bath caddy or create your own to keep your favourite bath additions close by. A good book, your favourite magazine, a glass of wine or even a splash proof radio can all add to your bathing experience.

5. Make A Statement

Why not make a statement whist enjoying your perfect bathing experience; a freestanding bath is a simple way to transform any bathroom space whilst being on trend. The freestanding bath is deep and spacious, allowing you to indulge and truly relax. Get creative by adding lighting to the floor, this design technique works perfectly with our stone Angelo bath.

6. After The Bath

Nothing pulls you out of your relaxed state more than the cold air and a cold towel once you stand out of your bath. That’s why we recommend a heated towel rail to place your bath robe and towels on. A soft, warm towel means you’re guaranteed to remain warm and relaxed, carrying the bathing experience on afterwards.

7. Light A Candle

Nothing says a relaxing bathing experience like candles; they’re the perfect component to any bathroom space. If you’re using bathing salts or oils, why not choose a candle that compliments the aroma to really accentuate the setting.

8. Get Comfortable

It’s impossible to truly relax if you aren’t completely comfortable, so choosing a bath that’s designed with your comfort in mind is crucial for any bathroom space. Our premium baths are crafted specifically to provide you with the upmost support and comfort. Why not discover our Angelo range, with high overflow points and a deep design, each bath is created to feel great and to make every bathing experience one to remember.

9. Love Your Bathroom Setting

Your entire bathroom space has a big role in creating a relaxing bathing experience. Adding bathroom friendly plants, your favourite décor or even a relaxing feature wall image can all add to the ambience. Choose colours and styles that suit your tastes, that way you can enjoy your bathroom space each time you visit it.

10. Essential Oils

Finally, to accentuate your relaxing bathing experience, essential oils will complete that spa-like setting. Oils combined with candles or salts can be a great way to unwind and relax. Have a look at different oils and choose the scent that stands out to you, oils such as Lavender and Rose are great at calming and helping you to relax.

So, just by implementing a few of these top tips you can create the ultimate, relaxing, spa-like bathing experience. Our wide range of bath collections are designed to suit all bathroom settings, no matter the size or style. Discover the ranges and start creating your dream bathroom here.