How to cut a Giorgio2 shower tray?

May 2023

How do I cut a Giorgio2 shower tray?

It’s been a great move forward to be able to cut shower trays down for when you have awkward sizes in the bathroom, and by following the steps outlined in this article you’ll know how to create the perfect fit within the shower enclosure.

Our popular Tissino Giorgio2 shower tray collection can be cut to the size required, though we would recommend cutting no more than 100mm off any side of the tray - after this point you will impact the gradient of the tray. Please note, this is the only tray in our collection and the advice within this article does not apply to all shower trays. Not all trays are able to be cut down to size so please check with the manufacturer before cutting to avoid any disappointment.

If you’re looking for advice for our Giorgio2 tray, follow the steps below:

What will I need?

You will need a tile cutting or diamond blade on an angle grinder to cut these trays. We also recommend having some masking tape to tape down the line of cutting. This means you can mark it clearly and follow the marking. Water for cooling the blade can also help reduce the amount of dust.

Please note that you should always keep the tray on a smooth flat surface, supported throughout, to reduce the risk of damaging the tray.

Step One: Measure 

Remember – measure twice, cut once! It is important to double check your measurements as you wouldn’t want you to cut the tray too short which is irreversible. As part of the measuring up process, it’s also a good idea to check where the waste position will be once you have cut the tray down and ensure that it isn’t going to hit any obstructions such as floor joists.

Step Two: Masking Tape

Once you are happy with the measurement, lay some masking tape down the line where you intend to cut the tray to. One final check once your masking tape is on to make sure you’re cutting from the right side is never a bad idea. You should always cut the tray from the top side, rather than from the underneath of the tray. Draw a line down the masking tape where you are to cut.

Step Three: Cutting The Tray 

You are now ready to cut, so remember your PPE (personal protective equipment) as there will be dust and often the cutting is noisy. We would recommend wearing eye protection glasses, dust mask, ear defenders and gloves. However, please read the manual of the power tool beforehand.

Step Four: Final Refinements 

Once the tray has been cut, be aware of the sharp edges the saw could leave behind. Clean down the underneath of the tray with a wet cloth to ensure no dust or dirt is going to stop it sticking down. 

You are now ready to install!

If you’re looking at cutting down one of our Giorgio2 shower trays, you can also find a detailed video here which guides you through a step by step cutting process.