Four Ways To Use Gold In Your Bathroom Design

Aug 2022

Luxury and opulence were at the height of bathroom design in the 1970s and 1980s and have seen a revival in recent times. In our recent blog post, 5 Trends to Look Out For in 2022, we briefly talked about metallic finishes and in particular, gold finishes. Gold touches, accents and statements have become increasingly, and instantly add glamour and distinction to the bathroom space. In this week’s blog post, we will look at how you can incorporate gold into your bathroom design to create enviable flair.

Gold Fixtures

At the forefront of the trend, gold fixtures have re-emerged as a favourite in bathroom design. Keeping it simple with small but very visible touches of gold in fixtures can create hints of subtle luxury in your space. Regardless of where you use gold accents, they will add understated elegance to the bathroom (just be careful not to go overboard – balance is key!). Available from Esclusiva retailers, the handles on the Cosenza Basin Unit are available in rich Brushed Brass and will provide a clean gold accent that will elevate any bathroom space.

Gold Bathroom Taps

There is no doubt that taps are an indispensable feature in the bathroom. Our recently introduced Lucia range, offers a brushed brass finish that can be matched to other products in the Lucia range. Combining modern curves with vintage gold hues, the tap is a great feature to incorporate some gold into your bathroom design.

Gold Statements

Using gold to create a bold statement in the bathroom will leave houseguests envious, and the Idro Brushed Brass Shower Glass commands the bathroom beautifully. Sleek, effortless Brushed Brass rims surround toughened glass panels that boast our Brillo Vetro protection.

Mixed Metals

If you’re concerned about having too much gold in the bathroom, mixing metals is the perfect way to create balance in the space. A good place to start would be using no more than two metals and ensuring that you have more of one metal than the other. It’s also wise to avoid mixing metals from the same colour family i.e., pairing brass with brushed gold. Don’t be afraid to play around with textures either, combing Brushed Brass handles on the Cosenza unit would pair beautifully with a Steel Finish or Black Chrome Parina Mono Basin Tap.

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