5 Trends to Look Out For in 2022

Aug 2022

2021 has brought around big changes, innovation, and a desire to rebuild. As the year begins to draw to a close, we look at a few trends that will be coming into 2022 with us.

Round shapes

Soft, romantic forms are currently a hot trend across interior design, as well as in architecture. Curves and rounded shapes aren’t necessarily new, but the trend as we know it is recently formed. Today, crisp lines are softened with rounder furniture that warms the room up significantly. The Round Solid Surface Countertop Vitolo Basin features a smooth stain surface that creates a curved accent in the bathroom, which can otherwise be a more strict, harshly lined space. Likewise, opting for a round shower like the Parina Round Rainfall Shower Head creates a soft focal point in the bathroom that further emphasises the dynamic between crisp minimalism and feminine roundness.


In 2021, many people decided to get rid of old, non-functional things, all over the home. In the bathroom, this meant emphasising function and quality and building a space that was going to last. When talking about minimalism, the mind can quickly go to high concept, experimental spaces, but in the home, we can all use function and spacing to create minimalist spaces that are aesthetic as well as functional. The Tissino brand embodies functionality with every product, but one of our favourite minimalist products is the Angelo Freestanding Bath. A statement, stand-alone piece that creates a standout focus in the bathroom, the Angelo Freestanding bath is the epitome of function and beauty.

Inspiration from Nature

Bringing plants into the bathroom has been a growing trend over the past few years. In 2021 and moving into 2022, the focus will remain on natural materials and textures. Marble effect products are especially prevalent, with seamless lines creating discreet luxury. The Finezza Shower Tray adds a thoughtful, sleek finish to any bathroom. Wood furniture is also more popular than ever, across the home. In the bathroom, a wood finish can add cosiness and a warm texture that beautifully compliments ceramics.


Scandinavian and Nordic design is quickly becoming an incredibly popular trend, especially in spaces that are made to feel spa-like and embody rest and relaxation. In short, Scandinavian design is simplistic, formed around aesthetics with smooth lines, curves and colours that make subtle statements, design to amplify the functionality of the space. Light, natural colours are used to lift the atmosphere in any bathroom and can help in improving wellbeing and mood alike. Every design choice is thoughtful and tailored to the needs of the user. At the core of our Esclusiva by Tissino collection are durability, functionality, and luxury. In particular, the Cosenza Basin Unit (Wall Hung or with optional designer legs) can be completely customised to bring form and function to any bathroom design.


Metals have been very popular in previous years, which will continue in 2022. Gold touches in the bathroom instantly add glamour and create statements in the space. The Parina Mono Basin Tap in Gold pairs beautiful with the Idro Brushed Brass to create an unforgettable stylish bathroom design.