Picking the Perfect Shower Tray

Aug 2022

Deciding on your shower may not be the most glamourous task in the world, but shower trays are an essential part of the design and function of your bathroom. Easy to maintain with a simple wipe down after use, shower trays are a sleek, functional addition to your showering space. However, when it comes to buying a new shower tray for your bathroom, there is a lot to consider. Most importantly, size and shape.

Shower tray shapes

Square, rectangular or quadrant? There are a few options but finding the middle ground between space efficiency and comfort is key. Luckily, all our Giorgio2 collection is available in a wide selection of sizes and shapes, making it that much easier to find the perfect match. Square-shaped trays are a popular choice as they are practical an take up less room. This can be great if you’re working with a smaller bathroom, but if you have the space, a larger shower tray will offer a more luxurious, more comfortable showering experience. Rectangular shower trays are great if you have a large showering area. They offer you the comfort of a large shower but are still sleek, minimal and make use of your space effectively. If you have a smaller space or a corner to fill, quadrant shower trays are a great way to save space.

Shower tray sizes

If your tray isn’t the exact right size for your space, it won’t be able to hold all the water inside. This means it won’t be long before you’re dealing with leaks, mould growth and other water damage. Repairs can be costly, especially if the problem goes unnoticed. All our shower trays can be trimmed up to 100mm to make sure you get the perfect fit and prevent these issues from arising. Our shower trays manufactured using hard-wearing stone resin, our shower trays have an exquisite stone surface with a unique gel finish. They are beautifully elegant yet tough and robust, and the wide selection of options enable you to create an exceptional shower for any kind of space. View our selection of shower trays here. Our Store Locator will help you find your nearest showroom, where expert advisors can help you decide which shower tray is perfect for you.