Bathroom Renovations Do's and Don'ts

Aug 2022

Bathroom Renovation: Do's and Don'ts

Renovating your bathroom can be a monumental process, one that can help you create your dream home. Whether you’re renovating the bathroom to revive your home, make space for a growing family, or accommodate accessibility needs, a bathroom renovation is a substantial project. We’ve put together a few do’s and don'ts to help you get started.

1. Do choose the right surfaces for your bathroom

Your flooring and walls will contribute to the overall aesthetic of your new bathroom. However, they will need to be functional, as well. If you’re set on tiles and have a more traditional bathroom, tiles are still viable. However, wall panels can be used to create a luxury space that is sleek and modern.

2. Do make sure you think about storage

Even though you may have had a clear out prior to your bathroom renovation and thrown away any products and toiletries you don’t really use, storage is still a significant factor in planning your new bathroom. You’re sure to acquire new towels, bathmats, toiletries and even bath toys, so having the right storage for you is essential. Our Mozzano collection is clean-cut and minimal and offers an extensive storage solution without taking away from the aesthetic of your bathroom.

3. Don't forget about lighting

Bathrooms can be a darker space, especially if you only have a small window, so planning your lighting based on use can be integral to the overall finish of your bathroom. If you’re creating a space that will double up as a vanity, or somewhere to do your makeup/personal grooming, then the Londra Magnifying Mirror offers a technologically savvy, modern reflection. With LED lighting, circular magnifier, infra-red sensor switch, 24hr clock and shaver socket, this mirror is the ultimate finish to a modern, innovative space.

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