Walk in Vs. Enclosure: Which Shower Should I Choose?

Aug 2022

Walk-in showers and enclosure showers… What is the difference, and which should I pick? Walk-in showers have become more popular over recent years, but why? We compared walk-in showers with shower enclosures to help you decide which is best for your bathroom design.

Walk-In Showers

Basically put, a walk-in shower is a shower room without any shower screen or shower tree. There are no large glass panels, no doors and the whole shower area is open. The absence of doors and large panels mean that they are easier to clean and maintain. A shower screen, however, can stop water from spraying across the bathroom.

Paired with our natural slate finish Giorgio Wall Panels, walk-in showers are a decadent, contemporary feature of any new or renovated bathroom. Take a look at our Armano walk-in shower enclosures that can be optimised exactly to your requirements.

Shower Enclosures

Shower enclosures are more traditional, as they have a framed or frameless glass panel enclosing the shower area. Shower enclosures are more popular with smaller bathrooms, and our Rivelo collection is always a favourite with designers and installers, as it is easy to fit, and ideal for older properties or smaller spaces.

So… Walk-In or Shower Enclosure?

We’ve covered the basics, walk-in showers, like our Amano walk-in shower are (a lot) easier to clean, and they are more luxurious and contemporary. However, shower enclosures, like our Rivelo collection are often more affordable and ideal for smaller/older properties as they are easy to fit and offer a lot of adjustment