Planning A Wet Room - Pros And Cons

Aug 2022

Wet rooms are a great solution for people with reduced mobility or elderly members of the household. Wet rooms make homes easier to navigate, making it easier to live independently as we get older. They’re also a great use of space and can make a smaller bathroom feel more luxurious and spa-like. Like any bathroom renovation, installing a wet room also adds to the cash value of your house.

However, there are a few things to consider when it comes to planning your wet room:

  • Where do you want your wet room? If you are thinking of installing one upstairs, you’ll need to check your home’s drainage to see if it can handle excess water.
  • Most people opt for a minimalist style for their wet rooms: using chrome finishes and metallics or statement black brassware. Our Bavera collection is versatile and comes in both chrome and matt black finishes.
  • Hidden fixtures and piping can add to this minimalist aesthetic and create more space in the bathroom. Our Giorgio Lux is popular in wet rooms renovation due to it's discreet and efficient hidden waste outlet.
  • Wet rooms are essentially “one big shower” and require a gradient floor so water can be drained easily. This gradient should be subtle, or it can be disorienting for younger children and older residents.

Wet rooms: pros and cons

The pros

Wet rooms offer an accessible shower to younger children and people with reduced mobility. Accessibility is one of the biggest benefits of having a wet room, and is often the motive for the renovation. For someone who would otherwise struggle getting in and out of a bath or raised shower, wet rooms can be a safer and more independent alternative. They also look great - their sleek, minimalist appearance will withstand whichever trends become popular. As they have such a timeless style, a wet room can also boost the value of your house.

The cons

Dampness can be a concern for many people looking at installing a wet room. Yes, dampness can be an issue, especially in smaller spaces. However, good ventilation and an extractor fan will help you overcome this. There is a myth that wet room floors get wet and slippery - this is not the case. shower trays and wet room flooring are slip resistant. All of our shower trays are scratch and slip resistant making them incredibly durable.