How to clean brushed brass bathroom fittings

Jul 2023

How to clean brushed brass in your bathroom

So you’ve invested in beautiful brushed brass taps, shower finishes and fixtures in your bathroom, but how do you make sure they keep a sleek, even finish for years to come? When it comes to brushed brass, it’s important to maintain regular upkeep and cleaning to ensure the finish on these designs stays as good as new. We’ve pulled together some top tips to help your brushed brass bathroom maintain a premium feel with some careful cleaning.

Daily Care

Little and often is the best way to approach your brushed brass bathroom taps or other brass fittings. Assuming they are used regularly, simply give the area a rinse down daily with warm water, removing any traces of soap or other build up.

Make sure you aren’t using any kind of cloth or sponge which is intended for scrubbing – a soft, microfibre cloth is all that’s needed to buff away any water marks or build up.

It’s best to make sure all water droplets are thoroughly wiped away, as this will prevent water damage and help the brushed brass maintain a shiny, pristine finish.

Removing Limescale 

Vinegar (white) solution is considered one of the best ways of removing limescale or any mineral deposits on your brushed brass bathroom products. Simply mix up a solution at home of 50% white vinegar and 50% water, which you can spray or wipe onto the surface area. Apply the solution directly, giving it a chance to settle but leaving no longer than two minutes before rinsing off - leaving it to sit for an extended amount of time could risk tarnishing the finish.

We would advise to test this on a small or discreet area first before attempting to clean a larger or prominent area. Over-use of vinegar can damage the brass itself, make sure you take care when applying. 

Chemical and cleaning products

Try to resist any kind of deep cleaning or store-bought bathroom sprays when it comes to brushed brass bathrooms. Don’t use any harsh chemicals or cleaning products on brushed brass taps and fixtures as this will likely cause permanent damage.

Other things to avoid

Make sure the whole household (including the dog) is fully briefed on any preventative measures for brushed brass, as this is the most effective way of keeping things looking shiny and new. Avoid products such as perfume, toothpaste, polish and shaving creams coming into contact with any brushed brass fittings in your bathroom. Also, avoid using any abrasive brushes or scouring pads, as this could create permanent damage or scratches to the surface. 

While it may sound a little high maintenance, in fact brushed brass is quite the opposite – requiring very simple cleaning solutions and just a little love to keep it looking its best.

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