A bathroom has become much more than a functional space, it can be a haven in which to relax mind and body after a hard day.  The bath is often a focal point in the bathroom so it may seem obvious but we recommend choosing one that’s beautiful as well as practical, don’t compromise on one to achieve the other.  It is however easier said than done, after all there are hundreds of shapes, styles and materials available, so don’t get in a lather – we will guide you through what to look for and consider when choosing a bath tub.

Buying a bath is a big decision and a very personal thing but there are four main questions everyone should ask before buying one:

1.)  What combination do you need?

Do you require just a bath or a shower bath, for this question it’s worth considering what your requirements are.  Also think about who will be using the bath and in what way, showers are often seen as a bathroom essential for modern living when time is at a premium but you may still want a bath for chilling out or the practicalities of bathing small children.  It’s also worth considering that homes with baths are more appealing to buyers.  If you want the benefits of a shower and a bath but space and budget are tight a shower bath can offer a very practical solution.

Another point to remember when looking at baths is whether you want a single ended (one sloped side and one steep side) or double ended bath.  A single ended bath features one sloped end for relaxing against and a steep end typically where the taps and waste will be situated.  A double ended bath features a slope at each end with the taps and waste situated in the middle of the bath.  If you are using the bath for a shower/bath combination you would need a single ended bath to allow you to get closer to the wall but if you are using it solely for bathing you could opt for the double ended option to allow two people to bathe comfortably.

2.)  Will the bath be the main feature in your bathroom?

Whether it’s an inset bath, back to wall bath or freestanding bath, any bath has the potential to be the focal/talking point of any bathroom.  We’ll discuss the options in more detail later but a key factor here is space.  It is important to work out how much space you can set aside for the bath before setting your heart on one in particular.

Lorenzo Double Ended Bath

3.)  What style/décor do you like?

There are baths out there to suit any taste whether you like a more traditional look or you want something more modern or contemporary.

It’s worth considering how you can enhance your bath once installed, tiling around your bath makes it part of the room rather than a statement piece and building in a ledge leaves room for bathing essentials such as shampoo and a cheeky relaxing glass of wine.

4.)  What space/budget is available?

Whether you are installing a freestanding or inset bath it is important to ensure that you order the optimum size for your space and budget.  Whatever the style of bath there are many different sizes available across a range of designs and price points.

To ensure you make the most of your space and budget it is worth talking to your retailer and asking them to plan the space out for you or alternatively there are many online tools you can use to plan it.  Click here to use our bathroom planning tool.

Tissino fitted baths range from 1600 x 700mm to 1800 x 800mm and our freestanding baths range from 1500 x 750mm up to 1700 x 800mm

What material should my bath be made out of?

The bathroom industry has come a long way in the last few decades, gone are the days when tin or cast-iron baths were the only options to choose from, nowadays there are all sorts of materials to choose from.  The downside of this is making sure you pick the right one…


Acrylic is now one of the most common options you will find when it comes to choosing a new bath. Most baths nowadays are made from acrylic which is easy to clean and maintain, not to mention scuff and scratch resistant which is an important consideration when you think it is going to get used possibly several time a day in a busy family household.  Acrylic is also warm to the touch, just imagine getting into a hot bath on a cold winters night and then getting a nasty shock as you rest your head back onto the cold surface of a cast iron or steel bath brrr.

The design possibilities for acrylic baths are also endless as it can be moulded into all sorts of shapes and sizes you will find there is more choice when it comes to design.

Angelo D shaped acrylic bath

Acrylic once had reputation of being a flimsy material, however in recent times baths are now manufactured from a sheet of acrylic which is typically 2-4mm thick, they are reinforced underneath with a wooden or steel frame and baseboard which is then coated with a fibreglass reinforcement.  When purchasing an acrylic bath, always ask what the construction process, a well-made acrylic bath can last decades.

Tissino baths are made from 5mm thick acrylic and sprayed with a tough fibreglass resin.  Our premium baths are then sprayed with a fibreglass resin again, you can tell the difference as they are black on the inside.  The way in which Tissino baths are constructed not only improves their longevity but also improves their performance for retaining heat meaning you can soak in the tub for longer. 

Acrylic bath panels also have a reputation for discolouring over time, Tissino bath panels stay white permanently due to our unique ‘Perma Bianco’ innovation that provides a highly robust, rigid bath panel that is very flat, will always remain white and will always look fantastic.  Our unique fixing system holds the panels tight together in the corners meaning your bathroom won’t fall victim to unsightly bath panels.


A stone bath is the epitome of luxury and as a result can be a costly addition to a bathroom.  Stone baths can retain up to ten times as much heat compared to baths constructed from other materials however it is worth considering the weight of the bath.  A stone bath typically weighs nearly three times as much as an acrylic bath, not to mention the weight once combined with the bather and filled with water.

Our Angelo stone bath is produced from a natural stone and mineral resin mix, which is a purer grade of stone.  This combination goes through a range of technical steps to ensure any air and bubbles are removed before it is injected into a mould.  The final item is then inspected and hand polished to create a smooth, seamless and beautiful bath. 

Angelo Stone Freestanding Bath

Cast iron

Cast iron is the traditional choice for a bath and has been used as a material in the manufacture of baths for over a century.  Cast iron baths are not only a statement piece for your bathroom, they are known for their durability and heat retention however this does mean they are a lot more expensive than other options.

You will also need to maintain the bath as they can rust, if the surface gets scuffed or chipped it cannot be polished out so it’s worth considering who’s going to be using it.  Cast iron baths are incredibly heavy and as a result we’d recommend ensuring the joists it is going over can support its weight, if in doubt consult with a structural engineer.

Porcelain on steel

Steel baths with a porcelain finish offer the best attributes of a cast iron bath, exceptional heat retention and beautiful aesthetics with the added bonus of being a lot lighter.

The downside to a porcelain on steel bath is that the use of steel makes the bath prone to rusting whilst the porcelain coating can be susceptible to chipping which is almost impossible to repair without significant costs.

What styles of bath are available?


Freestanding baths have seen a revival in the last few years and it is a trend that just keeps growing.  Once seen as a luxury item, there is a much wider and affordable choice out there today, from traditional roll tops with feet to sleek moulded modern versions, whichever you choose, the freestanding bath shouts opulence and luxury.


A bath built into a corner or tucked into an alcove is a great space-saver. And with a vast selection of bath panels and panelling options, this doesn’t have to be the ‘compromise’ choice anymore.

If you don’t want to use standard bath panels consider cladding it in tiles, stone or wood, there are many exotic hardwoods which not only look great but are durable enough for use in the bathroom.  If you want the opulent look of a freestanding bath but don’t have the budget, consider using a standard bath installed in the middle of your room and clad it in your choice of material.

If you are going to clad the bath please make sure you enable access to the plumbing just in case anything needs work later on.

Shower baths

hower baths provide you with the best of both worlds when it comes to choosing between baths and showers. They have a larger width at one end so you can take a shower with comfort whilst providing a relaxing place to soak at the end of a long day.

When space is limited and it comes to choosing between a bath and a shower, consider a shower bath as an alternative.  They feature a larger width at one end so you can shower comfortably whilst still providing a relaxing place to soak after a long day.

Consider installing a shower bath with the wider part of the bath against the wall to create a contemporary alcove which also doubled up as a great storage area.

Lorenzo Showerbath


Once considered a luxury item the Whirlpool/spa bath has become a bit dated in recent years especially with the resurgence of affordable hot tubs allowing you the luxury of a spa experience with the added benefit of enjoying the great outdoors at the same time.  However, who doesn’t fancy this ultimate spa bath experience in their bathroom!

Does the bath come with a guarantee?

The bathroom is one of the costliest rooms in the house to re-decorate and once done you don’t want to have to re-do it for a long time.  It is therefore important when purchasing a bathroom suite and furniture to make sure that it comes with a guarantee.

A guarantee is important because it shows a manufacturers confidence in their product and the standard of materials used in its manufacture.

All of the baths within the Tissino range come with a ten-year guarantee.

How am I going to fill the bath?

So, you’ve invested money in your dream bath now it’s time to consider the brassware your going to use to fill it.  After all you don’t want to spoil the look of the bath with inferior taps and accessories.

Gone are the days of being limited to placing the taps at the end of the bath, try choosing a bath filler that lets water in through the overflow or a neat, wall mounted mixer.

A double ended bath normally features the taps in the middle but if you want a completely different look try adding a floor-mounted tap off centre.  A floor-mounted tap is the perfect partner for a freestanding bath, not only does it add a sophisticated look but it keeps the bath edges clear and makes it easier to clean.

Londra Double Ended bath with wall mixer tap