Rivelo Side Panels

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Clean and minimal side panel for Rivelo shower doors

Four superb styles in a well thought out range of sizes has established Rivelo as a firm favourite with many designers and installers.

Easy to fit and offering generous levels of adjustment makes Rivelo an ideal replacement product in an older property, whilst the clear lines and simple functionality suits all installation types and lifestyles.  Rivelo shower glass is 6mm thick and is supplied with Clearseal protective coating as standard.

Clean lines and minimal design and perfect funtionality, the superbly styled Rivelo side panel is an essential ingredient to creating a modern and clean bathroom. Rivelo is easy to fit, offers genrous levels of adjustment making it an ideal replacement product. Rivelo shower glass is 6mm thick and supllied with Clearseal protective coating as standard.

Rivelo Side Panels

  • Clearseal Coating
  • Toughened Glass
  • Reversible Panels
  • Magnetic Seals
  • 4cm Adjustment
  • Powershower suitable


Description Adjustment Height
TRV-301 700 Frameless Side Panel  670 - 690 1900mm
TRV-302 760 Frameless Side Panel  730 - 750 1900mm
TRV-303 800 Frameless Side Panel  770 - 790 1900mm
TRV-304 900 Frameless Side Panel  870 - 890 1900mm
TRV-305 1000 Frameless Side Panel  970 - 990 1900mm


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Rivelo Side Panels