Parina Dual Handle Thermostatic Shower Valve With Diverter (3 outlets) - Round

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Colour: Chrome

Grand gestures are made up of small details, and a luxurious, welcoming bathroom is the sum of the design decisions made throughout the space. Our Parina collection is designed to ensure that every element works harmoniously across the whole, whether that’s with an elegant, beautifully proportioned basin tap or a seductively smooth push-operated waste fitting.

The Parina collection brings a real sense of refinement and elegance to the bathroom, with everything from slim, high spout taps to concealed basin mixers and bath sets in a range of styles. Thermostatic shower valves are also available, featuring exquisite round handles that are a pleasure to operate.

In addition to the pristine sculptural styling you always expect from Tissino, the Parina collection offers a choice of surface finishes and colours, allowing for the fullest expression of the designer’s art. From gleaming chrome through to steel, matt black, rose gold and more, the collection adds variety and interest to the bathroom, even in the most functional of areas.

Our Parina collection may exhibit the finest qualities of high quality minimalist design, but there’s nothing minimal about the choices available throughout the range. Whatever your style choice and colour preference, the Parina collection makes it easy to make the smallest details count.

With easy control of water flow and temperature, along with three outlets and a diverter to determine where the water is sent, the Parina thermostatic shower valve with two round handles is designed for flexible, luxurious showering. For all the potential showering flexibility available, the valve is a fine example of minimalist design, with the coolly cylindrical form of the two control handles creating a sculptural statement of intent. Manufactured from solid brass and finished in gleaming chrome, the product is robust and reliable as well as visually impressive, and its performance is further covered by a reassuring ten year guarantee.

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You're reviewing:Parina Dual Handle Thermostatic Shower Valve With Diverter (3 outlets) - Round
Parina Dual Handle Thermostatic Shower Valve With Diverter (3 outlets) - Round