Hugo2 Pair of Pipes and Shrouds

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Hugo2 Pipes & Shrouds

Take the chill off any bathroom with our range of high quality heating options. Heated towel rails warm the room up beautifully while also adding a toasty touch to towels and robes, and they can be either plumbed into an existing central heating system or run as standalone electric appliances.

Tissino quality is in evidence throughout, from the rail itself – available in a number of luxurious finishes – to the essential fittings and accessories that help ensure superb performance.

A pair of pipes and shrouds, designed to perfectly complement our Hugo2 towel rails. All products in the Hugo2 range carry a 10 year guarantee.


*Pipes and shrouds are 15mm coated copper piping which carries the heating water and cannot be retro-fitted.

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Hugo2 Pair of Pipes and Shrouds