Create the Perfect Walk In Shower

If a modern, refreshed bathroom is the style you want to achieve then a walk in shower is the perfect place to begin. (No matter your bathroom size.) There are many versatile styles and components when it comes to designing the perfect walk in shower. So, we’ve come up with our top tips to inspire and help you make the most out of your new bathroom design!

The Perfect Layout

Firstly, planning the size and layout is key when it comes to your walk in shower. The correct layout will complement the rest of the bathroom whilst remaining a perfect visual fit. Our Armano range takes into consideration every single bathroom space possibility. Each walk in shower that we create is unique and customized to suit you. The Armano range is incredibly versatile, meaning that high quality components can be used. Even if the enclosure is going in a corner or the middle of the wall.

Walk in shower

Walk Right In

Next, choose between a high quality shower tray or an on-trend tiled floor. When choosing a tray for your walk in shower, it’s important to always go for high quality and durable materials. You want your shower to last a lifetime! Our Giorgio range is crafted with a gel coated slate finish, and is available in black or white.

Walk in shower

Alternatively, a tiled floor can create an incredibly sleek, modern style. So why not take your walk in shower that extra mile and create a truly stunning tiled look. No matter your personal preference or bathroom style, we have a whole host of on-trend, high quality tile colours and designs. 

Walk in shower

A step free shower design can be achieved by using tiles. However, you can also do this with a shower tray by building up the floor to the tray level, or recessing the tray into the floor.

Smart Storage

Here at Tissino, we think the creation of a perfect showering experience is all in the details. So why not keep your walk in shower looking sleek and stylish with a recessed wall shelf. This simple but effective design eliminates the need for clutter on your shower floor. Just simply store all of your necessities in a neat, nearby compartment, without detracting from your gorgeous shower design.

Walk in shower

Make A Splash

Finally, to create the ultimate walk in shower, a durable, effective flipper panel is crucial when designing your shower. The 300mm flipper panel from Tissino will always prevent splash back, ensuring that the right parts of your bathroom remain dry! The flipper panel can pivot through 180 degrees meaning it can be folded away without causing any obstruction. It can also be added to an existing Armano walk in shower enclosure. Take a look at our extensive ranges and find a design that suits you!

It can always be hard to visualise when designing a new interior, so why not try our 3D bathroom designer. We always provide our Tissino customers with state of the art design software, so you can realistically visualise your dream bathroom in just a few moments! Visit our website here and start your 3D bathroom journey.

Walk in shower