The Health Benefits Of A Bath

Taking a shower is a daily task for most of us, whereas we often push a bath to the bottom of our list. Some of us feel showering is a much faster way to get clean. Whilst that may be true, we have some interesting tips on why taking a bath has a great impact on your health. Not everyone has space for a bath and a shower, so we’ve included some bathroom design ideas to incorporate both.


Firstly, the number one benefit of taking a bath is to wind down and relax. We even wrote a previous blog all about it, explaining our top ten tips to a relaxing bathing experience. It’s not just about the bath itself, it’s about your bathroom space too! Our Angelo bathroom design idea below perfectly captures the ultimate relaxing bath. The combination of strategically placed lighting and a deep, relaxing bath is so inviting.

bathroom design ideas

Relieving Sore Muscles

The combination of the warm water and bath salts can be a quick fix for sore muscle. Submerging your body in the heat helps them to relax and repair, whilst bath salts can assist with aches and pains. We always recommend opting for a bath such as one from our Lorenzo collection. The high gloss white finish is easily cleaned and safe for oil or salt use. It’s the perfect companion for those who love to indulge with bath salts.

bathroom design ideas

Bathing Is Great For Your Skin

Taking a hot, long bath has many health benefits for your skin, such as moisturising properties and anti-ageing affects. When taking a bath, you can add essential oils to the water which can amplify these health benefits. Just remember to moisturise after the bath; this will lock in those moisturising properties. Why not step into an Angelo bath at the end of a long day, this gorgeous shape combined with your favourite oils is a match made in relax heaven!

bathroom design ideas

Combine Your Bath And Shower

Not everyone has the space for a bath and shower to be separate. If you only have a shower but would still love the health benefits of a bath, why not opt for one that can do both? We have a state of the art online bathroom designer, it’s free to use and helps you to bring your bathroom design ideas to life. If you’re unsure about installing a duo unit, give this software a try. Our Lorenzo collection is mindful about your bathroom space; it fits seamlessly to your wall and combines the overhead shower, meaning you don’t have to compromise.

bathroom design ideas

Its great to see our customers trying out our bathroom design ideas from our blog, so make sure to tweet us a photo of your Tissino inspired bathroom! Don’t forget, if you’re considering any of these changes to your bathroom, use our online designer; it’s free and so easy to use. Why not visit our website today and find your local stockist -