Hugo2 - Mont Blanc Heated Towel Rail

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A timeless heated towel rail with a textured Mont Blanc white finish.

Take the chill off any bathroom with our range of high quality heating options. Heated towel rails warm the room up beautifully while also adding a toasty touch to towels and robes, and they can be either plumbed into an existing central heating system or run as standalone electric appliances.

Tissino quality is in evidence throughout, from the rail itself – available in a number of luxurious finishes – to the essential fittings and accessories that help ensure superb performance.

A modern design, finished in a contemporary textured white finish, this exquisite towel rail will add a touch of style to your bathroom. Comes with a 10 year guarantee.

Central Heating Most homes in the UK already have central heating. If such a system is in place, you can simply plumb your new towel rail into your existing central heating system. Tissino Hugo2 towel rails produce enough BTU to warm your towels and heat the bathroom the same way as a traditional radiator.

Electric only For homes without central heating or for those looking to quickly add a heated towel rail to the room without the upheaval or cost or re-routing pipes, an electric towel rail can offer the perfect solution. They are very easy and quick to install by a qualified electrician and offer a cost-effective way of keeping towels and robes etc. warm and dry. Tissino towel rails can be converted into electric towel rails, we will fill the rail with a suitable heating fluid, install the appropriate heating element, seal and water test.

Electric rail with temperature regulating heating element 

Designed to match the Hugo2 towel rail specifically, the Temperature Regulating Heating Element will elevate bathroom heating. When paired with Hugo2 towel rails, the Temperature Regulating Heating Element can be controlled using a digital screen, innovating the Hugo2 and optimising the thermostatic electric or dual fuel heating method. The dual fuel heating system offers the luxury of heated towels all year round without having to use the heating system in summer periods.  

Making the most of Hugo2’s exceptional heat output, the digital screen allows you to control temperature and set it ranging from 10 – 65 °C. Timer mode allows you to set the amount of time you would like the heater on for (1-9 hours) and turbo mode allows you to set the towel rail to maximum heating temperature for 1-3 hours.


Heat Output

Heat Output

652 x 400m 1272 373
600 x 800mm 2306 676
812 x 500mm 1941 569
812 x 600mm 2320 680
1212 x 400mm 2259 662
1212 x 500mm 2847 834
1212 x 600mm 3403 997
1652 x 400mm 3023 886
1652 x 500mm 3890 1140
1652 x 600mm 4649 1363
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