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Who are Tissino?
Where can I buy your products?
Can I store the items I am interested in?
Where can I find prices for Tissino products?
How do I find the nearest showroom?
Is everything in stock?
Who do I contact in the event of a complaint?
How do I find technical specifications and drawings?
The project I am working on is offshore – can you service and deliver my project?
Why should I spend more on a Tissino bathroom product when I can buy cheaper elsewhere?
Where can I obtain fitting instructions
Can I fit Tissino products myself?
What guarantee do Tissino products have?
I still have questions, is there someone I can speak to?

I’ve spotted an issue with your website. Is there someone I can notify?
What personal information about me does Tissino.co.uk gather?
How secure is the information held about me?
Can I use the images featured on this website?

Does your bathroom furniture come flat packed?
How should I clean my bathroom furniture?
Is it okay to leave the surface of my furniture wet after use?
Do you sell any freestanding furniture?
What colours do you offer?
Does Tissino bathroom furniture come with any guarantee?
How do I know the furniture is right for my bathroom?

What is a close coupled toilet?
What is a back to wall toilet?
What is a wall hung toilet?
I’m fed up with my current cistern getting covered in condensation, how can I get rid of it?
What’s the difference between a standard and concealed cistern?
What concealed cisterns are available?
How long should my cistern take to fill?
What is the difference between single and dual flush?
Do you have a solution for fitting a toilet under a window?
What heights of installation frames are available?
Do you offer bathroom accessories?
What do I do if the flush plate buttons are sticking?

What is the difference between a pop up and clicker waste?
What wastes are available to match the taps?
How do I know what my water pressure is?
How should I clean the brassware in my bathroom?
Can I restrict the flow to a mixer tap?
Why are ceramic discs in taps better?
What are the flow rates for your taps?

What is the difference between your standard and premium baths?
What is a single ended bath?
What is a double ended bath?
What is a ‘D’ shaped bath?
What is stone resin?
Do your baths come in different sizes?
What bath panels do you provide?
Your bath images don’t show handles, do the baths come with them?
Do you stock bath screens?
What does Perma Bianco mean?
What does twin-skinned mean?

Do you provide shower screens for over bath showers?
What cubicle options are available?
What walk in shower options do you offer?
What shower trays do you offer?
What’s the difference between the Lugano and Armano shower screens?
Can I cut your trays down if they are too big?
What is Brillo Vetro?
What is the guarantee on your shower systems?

Can I restrict the flow to a shower valve?
Can I limit the temperature on a shower valve?
What guarantee is available on your shower brassware?
What shower rails do you offer?
What are the flow rates for your shower range?

Do you offer mirrors and mirror cabinets?
What does the IP rating mean?
Do the mirror cabinets come flat packed?
What guarantee do your mirrors/mirror cabinets come with?
Do your mirrors have a demister function?
Do you supply a Bluetooth mirror?
What is an IR sensor?
What does the distance between the IR sensor and another surface need to be?
What material are the internal shelves in your cabinets?
Do any of your mirrors have a magnifying function?
What size mirrors do you offer?
What size cabinets do you offer?
Do any of your cabinets feature internal mirrors?

How do I operate a Tissino dual fuel radiator in warmer periods?
Can I use your towel rails instead of a radiator?
How do I know what size I need?
What type of heated towel rail do I need?
What is a dual fuel towel rail?
On an electric towel rail, which side is the element on?
Where is the best place to fit my towel rail?
If I order a coloured towel rail do, I have to have chrome or white fittings?

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