Rocco Dot Wall Plate - Chrome

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Suitable for all cisterns
This high quality wall flush plate can be removed to allow full access to the cistern.  No other access is required as the stopcock is located withing easy reach in the top of the cistern.  This means that the frame can be completely concealed with no unsightly access hatches.

High quality sanitaryware is a must for any high performance bathroom. Tissino offers plenty of choice with a range that includes slim, floor-standing WCs and sculptural wall hung pans that add a sense of space to even the smallest bathrooms.

Reliable functionality is also essential when considering the right sanitaryware for your bathroom, and the Tissino range also includes cisterns and wall plates designed to ensure effective operation for years to come. A variety of elegant soft close seats is also available.

Simplicity and elegance are the hallmarks of many contemporary bathrooms, and the Rocco dot wall plate is designed to add an irresistible visual touch to the most style-conscious spaces. With its minimalist circular forms, it is the perfect expression of the designer’s art. The Rocco dot wall plate is also designed for superb functionality, and can be installed in conjunction with a huge range of concealed cisterns. With two flush buttons, dual flush cisterns can be operated, while the high quality wall flush plate can be removed to allow full access. Available in chrome, matt black or white colour options, the Rocco dot wall plate also benefits from a ten-year guarantee for many years of reliable flushing.
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Rocco Dot Wall Plate - Chrome