Why do we Have Our Best Ideas in the Shower?

Do you ever wonder why some of your best ideas seem to come to you out of the blue? When we’re relaxed, our attention turns inwards and we’re able to make insightful connections. Looks like the shower isn’t just functional, it’s also great grounds for coming up with new ideas. Creating a space that encourages innovation may be easier than you’d think, adding a large rain shower like our Parina will engulf you can make you feel completely relaxed – and perhaps cook up a billion-dollar idea.


Parina rain shower matt blackParina Rain Shower Head Matt Black


Backed by science

The concept can be explained by the release of dopamine in our brains, taking a warm shower can have the same affect on us as listening to music or exercise. We’re also distracted, giving our brains a little break and allowing us to work more creatively.


I want to be more creative! How can I make my shower more relaxing?

Creating the perfect shower environment can help inspiration flow. Instead of using a typical, small shower head that pushes a forceful stream of water onto you, rain shower heads create a much more relaxing, tranquil showering environment. Our Mario Rain Shower creates the perfect places to unwind, relax and get those creative juices flowing.  

Aside from showering products and equipment, get some music on! Create a completely relaxing environment for you to enjoy your shower and get those creative juices flowing.

Mario Chrome Rain ShowerMario Rain Shower Head - Chrome