Wall Panels Vs. Tiles: Which Should I Get In My Shower?

Tougher, lower maintenance, waterproof. Shower wall panels are becoming increasingly popular due to their non-porous, easy to clean surface. For most people, personal taste is the dictating factor. Each have their own selling points, so let’s compare them.


Giorgio Wall Panels in White Slate 


First off... Tiles

Typically, tiling is longer-lasting than a shower wall panels. A shower wall panel will usually last well for up to 15 years before you may need to replace it. Tiles, however, have a longer lifespan if you re-grout them to keep them looking newer. Artistically there is more creative freedom with tiling as you can use and design and play with grouting.


Armano (Style H) Walk-In Enclosure


What is all the fuss about wall panels? 

Wall panels are 100% waterproof, cost-effective and easier to install than tiles. They’re also low maintenance and more hygienic, as they are less likely to grow mould in the bathroom and develop odour. And, while tiles can have their life extended by re-grouting, wall panels are very durable.

Most importantly…

No grout. Read that again. NO. GROUT. No more scrubbing grout joints and cleaning your shower endlessly. Our Giorgio Collection combines immaculate, sleek design with robust, natural material.



Giorgio Wall Panels

Giorgio Wall Panels in Black Slate 

So... Which is better?

If you’re set on tiles and have a more traditional bathroom then tiles are still a viable option. However, wall panels can be used to create a luxury space that is sleek, modern and will get you compliments from all of your house guests. Isn’t that something we all want?