Bathroom Lighting

Sometimes a beautiful bathroom can be overshadowed by a lack of light. If your window is small and limiting, you might be questioning how to transform it, especially for summer. So, we’ve come up with some inspiring ideas to help you brighten your bathroom. We love to see an amazing bathroom lighting transformation, so let us know if you incorporate any of these ideas!

Walk In Shower

Firstly, a walk in shower is a great place to start for any bathroom transformation as it creates an open and spacious feel to your bathroom. With a small bathroom, you may be rightly concerned how a walk in shower would fit. The Armano glass range includes shower panels as small as 40cm and you can use a 30cm flipper panel, that acts as a splash shield when showering but can also be folded away afterwards.

bathroom lighting

Combine Your Bath And Shower

If a walk in shower isn’t your preference, the perfect choice for a bathroom transformation is our Lorenzo shower-bath and Milano bath screen. Giving you the best of both worlds. The Mario shower valve comes with a diverter. One outlet can be the Alek overflow / bath filler and the other outlet can be the shower.

Below our Lorenzo bath is combined with the Perma Bianco Premium bath panels. Our premium bath panels are made out of acrylic; these won’t discolour or turn yellow in the sunlight. This ultimately keeps the room looking bright, so they're the perfect addition for a bathroom lighting transformation.

bathroom lighting

Decorative Lighting

There are a number of ways you can use bathroom lighting to be decorative. Below, our Angelo bath is used to create a gorgeous lighting display, perfect for ambient evenings in.

bathroom lighting

Another way to get creative is with your task lighting. It's important to consider exactly how your bathroom lighting is positioned. If light is shining from above, this casts a shadow on your face, ultimately giving an ageing affect. However, a light that is shining directly on your face portrays you much better and shows you in your true light! Our Splendore range below does exactly that, so why not visit our website and choose yours?

bathroom lighting

We love to see our customers trying out our recommendations, so tag us on social if you do! In the meantime, if youre thinking about beginning that bathroom transformation for summer, use our 3D designer. Its free, easy and online, so you can access it right now and start creating your dream bathroom!