This month is all about showers. They're hot, bold and 100% customisable. We've created this beautiful list of bold shower statements that we love and we think you will love them too.

Wet Room Style

Our wet rooms are simple, minimalist and incredibly modern and suave. What we like most about this style is that it's so inviting. There are lots of opportunities to personalise wet room style showers including with lighting, plants, and ornaments. Elements like these bring a relatable feel to your bathroom creating a comfortable and stunning space for you to enjoy.

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Subtle Enclosures

Perfect for any bathroom these sweet, subtle and spacious shower enclosures just scream modern. But why are they so perfect? Enclosures are known for their sleek and minimalist design which makes them easy to use and extremely eye-catching. Be bold and inject this trend into your bathroom!

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Bold and Black

Accenting your bathroom can be a very difficult task. With so many colours on offer you're bound to get a little confused. We're here to tell you that black is the way to go. One of the amazing additions you can have is our Giorgio black slate shower tray. Its stunning hard-wearing design is key to our bathrooms and to yours. Although Giorgio comes in three colours we think black accents add an industrial or chic vibe to your bathroom, giving your space a glamorous finish.

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Our extensive range of brassware is everything you need to complete the gorgeous, bold look of your bathroom. The shower heads in our Mario range are sleek, refined, elegant and contemporary. They vary from classic over-bath showering to sophisticated drenching rain showers to massaging body jets. Their state-of-the art technology make them a must-have for your modern bathroom.

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If you're having trouble designing your dream bathroom then check out our 3D Bathroom designer or visit your local showroom to discuss designs.