At Tissino we know there are many choices to be made when designing a bathroom such as design, colour, layout and product. The team at Tissino works hard to deliver product ranges that are sleek, durable and easy to install as well as versatile and attractive so you're always in the best position possible. It's important to us that you feel as relaxed creating your bathroom as you do using it. Now, you have the opportunity to tap into exactly what makes us great.


Our Parina range is definitely one of our favourites. Parina's variety of colours and hard-wearing nature means these taps are ready for any guest or family member, and will always look gorgeous. Sleek. Colourful. Modern. These are just some of the words we hear about Parina on a regular basis.

These stunning taps don't come alone, because we've captured this rainbow of colour in our wastes, too. From Rose Gold to brushed black chrome our ranges help you tastefully furnish your bathroom with ease.

Not only do these amazing wastes come in a range of stunning colours, they're easy to use and long-lasting which means you can echo the sensations of your favourite destinations and let your mind relax while your body does the same.


Tenza is a series that breathes contemporary style, gorgeous geometry and great performance. Irresistibly smooth valve operation combined with a stunning chrome finish. Could you say no?

Bayscape couldn't. We found their bathroom vision intriguing and were excited to work with them. They wanted contemporary style, comfort and practicality. Tenza, among other collections, gave them that.


We are committed to style. That means pulling out all the stops for every new collection and every client. Savena was no different. It's popular sleek, round design is what makes it unique. Smooth, elegant flow. Easy installation. Lasting, hard wearing materials. These are all factors that make us proud of this particular tap range.


This unique tap is sure to open your guests eyes. With a luxurious design and a flawless finish you couldn't ask for anything better. Pacato combines faultless straight lines with soft, gracious curves as well as a high level of functionality to create the ultimate sink or bath companion.

If you want to see more of our stunning tap range click here and we'll take you on an incredible journey. If you'd like to see how our taps would look in your bathroom then check out our 3d bathroom designer.