The 5 Accessories Every Luxury Bathroom Needs

Any luxury bathroom needs stunning accessory accents to bring the space together. We’ve come up with our top five accessories to include in your bathroom to create the perfect ambience. From indulgent bath oils to warm, fluffy towels. We’ve covered everything to make sure each trip to your bathroom is a luxury experience.

Towels & Bath Mats

The first luxury accessory every bathroom needs is a set of warm and inviting bath towels and bath mat. Your bath or shower routine isn’t complete without them! Why settle for an average, rough towel? When you could have soft, fluffy towels to dry off on and step out onto. We recommend Laura Ashley’s collection, a range of absorbent and plush towels and mats that keep water off the floor whilst warming your feet.

Scented Candles 

Candles are a necessity for anyone wanting to create a luxury, spa-like atmosphere for their bathroom. Whether you’re quickly stepping in the shower or soaking for a while in the bath, they’re the perfect mood-setter and relaxer, whilst smelling amazing! And what better scent to choose for this in-between time of year than Spring from The White Company? This one promises light and sweet notes of honeysuckle, rose, jasmine and lilac, combined with the earthy aroma of freshly mown grass. That’s sure to put a spring in your step whilst getting ready in the morning! 

Relaxing Bath Oils

The perfect way to relax and indulge after a long day is in a hot bath accompanied by your favourite bath oils to help you unwind.  We’ve chosen this Aromatherapy associates ‘De-Stress Mind Bath & Shower Oil’ as our third luxury accessory. Give your mind some mental clarity by adding this to your evening bath. It boasts a calming blend of Frankincense, Petitgrain, Rosemary and Wild Chamomile; the perfect way to spend a relaxing Friday evening.


Make getting ready in the morning a happy experience with a ring lit mirror, complete with beauty ring, a magnifier panel and 24-hour digital clock, so you’re never late! Our Londra mirror does just that, with a hi-tech demister pad installed behind the glass to make sure you’re never inconvenienced by misting.

Heated Towel Rail

A stunning, heated towel rail is the final accessory every luxury bathroom needs. Stepping out of your shower or bath shouldn’t mean shivering and rushing to get dry, it should be a warm, enveloping hug in the form of a pre-heated towel. Our Hugo2 Towel Rail range comes in over 9 shades and finishes, meaning there’s a style and shade for every luxury bathroom out there.

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