Choosing the Right Bath for Your Bathroom

The bath is often the largest single product and main focal point of the bathroom. When designing a new bathroom or renovating a space, there are a few things to consider to ensure the new space is a relaxing retreat and luxurious environment for your daily rituals. Usually, the size and shape of the room determines the type of bath you’re able to buy, and if you have a larger space there is more creative freedom as you have more space to play with. That being said, there are plenty of options for smaller spaces that feel equally as elegant and create the perfect space for you to unwind in.

Single ended baths

Being described as a “single ended bath” can be a little confusing, as we all know that bathtubs have two ends. In a single ended bath, the waste and overflow are positioned at one end, rather than in the middle. Single ended baths, like our Lorenzo Single Ended Bath, are popular in shower baths, as you can get close to the wall.

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Lorenzo Single Ended Bath

Double-Ended Baths

Double-ended baths offer a more spacious bathing experience, and often feel more luxurious. They look more symmetrical as they have a central waste and overflow. They’re also a great option for children, as there is space for more than one person in the bath at one time due to the absence of taps at one end. Our Londra Double-Ended Bath is designed to maximise the internal bathing space, with slim rims and premium grade acrylic making it a sturdy bath designed for both function and comfort.


Londra Double-Ended BathLondra Double-Ended Bath


Shower Baths

Shower baths are incredibly popular, as they provide a quick, more practical shower but also the option for a relaxing bath. British bathrooms are infamously small, so the shower bath is a practical solution for a lot of households. Our Lorenzo Shower Bath is popular in smaller spaces due to flexibility and pairs function with practicality.

Lorenzo Shower Bath

Lorenzo Shower Bath

Modern freestanding baths

Freestanding baths always make a statement. While they do have more of a stylistic impact in larger spaces, freestanding baths offer an elegant, sophisticated statement to the bathroom and create a stunning bathing environment for the user to submerge and relax in. Our Angelo Freestanding Bath has high sides and is smoothly rounded to completely surround the bather, creating a uniquely elegant, spa-like bathing experience.

Angelo Freestanding BathAngelo Freestanding Bath


Choosing the perfect bath for your space is an important decision to make, so being realistic about you floor space will allow you to make the most out your bathroom and maximise space. This way, you’ll be able to create a stunning bathroom that will impress any house guests and make your daily rituals that much more invigorating.