Picking the Right Storage for Your Bathroom

When undergoing a bathroom renovation, accessories tend to be quite low in terms of priority. However, accessories are the key to maintaining your new bathroom’s sense of style, even when the bathroom becomes more lived in.

Every Tissino collection is designed to combine visual flair with functionality, and accessories can really complete the look of your new bathroom. The Carlos collection makes it easy to maintain your bathroom’s sense of style, as well as maintaining functionality. The Carlos Towel Bar perfectly combines form and function by adding an exquisite glint to contemporary bathroom style.

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Few rooms allow for freedom of expression in terms of heating quite like the bathroom. With so many styles of towel rail out there, it can be difficult to find the perfect balance between aesthetics and heat output. From morning showers to indulgent soaks, a heated towel rail will elevate the entire space more than any other accessory both in terms of looks and functionality. 

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The Hugo2 Heated Towel Rail is available in a range of six designer finishes so it can be used to blend in with the rest of your space or create a contrasting focal point. Hugo2 is also available in a wide variety of sizes and is perfect for any space. Hugo2 can be paired beautifully with the new Cosenza collection from our Esclusiva range to create a bright, welcoming bathroom.

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The right mirror can elevate your bathroom space in a very unique way. Whether you’re looking for a classy, sleek finish offered by the Splendore Mirror, or Londra’s technologically savvy, modern reflection, a mirror can truly complete the bathroom space. Moreover, mirrors can double up as extra storage, perfect for keeping everyday toiletries on hand and decluttering your space. The Lustre mirror makes for easy storage while maintaining a contemporary look.

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